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What's Going on?

Brainjack is getting close to publication (due September 2009). Check out the book trailer here

Here are book trailers for The Tomorrow Code and Super Freak. Have a look!

Book Trailers

The Tomorrow Code now has its own website. Click here to see it.

The first reviews are now out for The Tomorrow Code, read them here...

The Tomorrow Code   The Tomorrow Code

The Storylines Festival Free Family days have come and gone for another year and was a huge success. I was involved with the Christchurch and Auckland festival days and ran a StorySports competition in each centre. Congratulations to the team from Heaton Intermediate in Christchurch who won the Christchurch final, and to the Mystery Team in Auckland, who won our Auckland game.

I got a copy of the UK version of The Flea Thing in the mail a few days ago. It looks great!

It is really exciting to think that UK kids will soon be able to read all of my books.


Some new pics on the top left now, can you guess who they are?
Click on the picture of me to see them!

The Tomorrow Code is getting close to the publication date (October 2008) and I have now received an advance copy, which looks great!

That's the US and Canadian edition I am talking about. We are still editing the New Zealand and Australian edition.

(The Tomorrow Code was originally titled: "The Long White Cloud")


The Real Thing has now been published in the UK and The Flea Thing (Henry and the Flea), and Super Freak will be published there in May.

We are still waiting for reviews from the UK book reviewers, but there have already been some reviews by kids. Read them here.

In South Africa The Real Thing has been selected for the Exclusive Number Ones book club, which is fantastic, and it will also be published soon in Japan, in the Japanese translation.

I had a great week last week visiting schools with Duffy Books, and helping to present kids with books through the Duffy Books in Homes scheme.

Here I am at Beachhaven Primary School with all the kids and their brand new books (that's me at the back on the right).

For pics and more info about my school visits, click here.





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